Metafit – 30 Minutes High intensity (HIT) bodyweight workout. Be prepared to work hard and sweat! Louise Summerfield is the instructor/torturer. Mon & Fri at 9:15am, price £6 or £50 for block of 10. Contact Louise directly at lousummerfield@hotmail.co.uk to find out more

Circuits – Work every single muscle group in this fast paced circuits class. Mon 6pm, Tues 6:30pm, Thurs 6:30pm with studio personal trainer Kerry Aitchison. Qualified physio Kerry runs a very hands on class and works hard to ensure correct technique and posture is used for every exercise. Contact Kerry directly at kerryaitchison@gmail.com to find out more

Pilates – Although it is a beginners class, there are layers to all the exercises so that Improvers could also benefit from and enjoy this workout. If you have ever thought about Pilates but not tried it … this is the perfect starting point. Bad back? Poor posture? Tues 12:30pm, with instructor Caroline Luff, price £8 pay as you go. Contact Caroline directly at caroline_luff@hotmail.co.uk to find out more

Yoga – A relaxing beginners class. Wed 6:45pm, with instructor Jo Guy, price £10 pay as you go. Contact Jo directly at jo@yogaluv.co.uk to find out more.

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£35 to £45 per 1 hour session, £350 to £400 for a block of 10 sessions

GP exercise referral and Cardiac rehab:

If you have been diagnosed with a condition such as heart disease, diabetes, Parkinsons, MS, arthritis or a mental health disorder then exercise prescribed in the correct way can be an invaluable way to alleviate some your symptoms. We are qualified in GP exercise referral and in cardiac rehabilitation for anyone with a heart condition or who has had heart surgery. We’re happy to work in conjunction with your local GP to help you be healthier and achieve a better quality of life.

Events training:

Whether you’re preparing for a sporting event from 5k to Ironman, a life changing event like your wedding or have just given birth and want to get back in shape we’re here to help.


Regular workouts are only one part of the equation and healthy eating must also play a part. Using our expertise we can guide you through the nutrition minefield and focus on developing an eating plan that is realistic and works for you.