Patrick Keats, Poole

“I am in my mid 40’s and started training with Mike in 2013. Mike and I agreed my fitness goals – improve overall strength, flexibility and fitness to support my sail racing and reduce my waist line. I brought various aches and pains – sensitive back, dodgy knee and a post arthroscopy shoulder.

The training programmes with Mike are enjoyable, hard work and get results – I have dropped over a stone in weight, significantly increased upper body strength and improved the endurance in my legs (really important for hiking on a sailing dinghy). Additionally, my aches and pains have gone and I do not consider them now when undertaking any exercise. The new studio is fabulous and has a great range of equipment which is in pristine condition and always available. Mike is personable, professional (he is always on his game and there has never been a duff session), he is exceptionally reliable and well organised and above all entirely focused on your training needs and goals. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

David Haselden, Poole

“I really like the fact that Noirin really did work around me and what I needed given I was recovering from a serious accident. I was worried before starting this that the PT I had would simply try and build ‘muscles on my ears’ without considering what I can and can’t do given the neck/brain injury I suffered. I must say that fear was never realised with Noirin. I appreciate her motivating nature with all of this and I really don’t think I could do it alone. I like the way she geared up my routines so much around my rehab and exact needs. I was worried when I started all of this, my chosen PT would be someone who just did not understand me or the background but I have absolutely no complaints.”

Sam Gillingham, Poole

“Having worked with Paul for 2 months now, I am in the best shape of my life. Paul’s complete knowledge of nutrition, physio and exercise has allowed me to meet my targets for the first time. Great PT and super nice guy!”

Sally Simpson, Poole

“Noirin is a fantastic personal trainer.  I have been ‘seeing’ her regularly for the last 18 months – throughout Covid we have maintained our sessions over facetime and when possible I have had the sessions in the well equipped studio.  I have been in training for a half ironman event and Noirin has tailored her sessions perfectly to complement my other sessions.  She has focussed on building my core strength which is important in all disciplines, as well as just in life generally and she adapts the session based on any concerns for injury I may have had or after other heavy training sessions.  I really feel like she listens to what I am trying to achieve and helps me reach my goals.  The sessions also give me an hour of me time in the crazy world we are currently living in.  If you are just starting out on your fitness journey, or are looking to complement other training with some strength and conditioning work then I would highly recommend Noirin to guide you through that journey.  (And she helped me get a PB in my half ironman – quicker than before I had my two children!!!).”