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Hi, welcome to our first Ocean Fitness blog. This is where we will air our thoughts, knowledge and research about different aspects of the world of Health and Fitness. For our first post I am going to talk about what pointers to think about when beginning your fitness journey.

Getting Fit

Getting fit isn’t always easy; there is no magic formula however, there are certain things you can do to make it a bit easier.
Firstly set yourself SMART goals, this stands for:

So simply saying “I want to lose weight”, or “I want to get toned” isn’t enough.

Try thinking of the above acronym. How much weight do you want to lose? When do you want to lose it by? How are you going to measure this? Can you dedicate enough time and effort to achieve your goal?

A better goal would be, “I want to lose 2 stone in 6 months, to achieve this I am going to exercise 3 times a week for 45 minutes.” Providing this is realistic and attainable i.e. you have 2 stone to lose and can dedicate the time, you will have a greater chance of getting there.

The next piece of advice is to not be too hard on yourself. Most of us will have a wobble from time to time; we are not machines, we are human and we make mistakes. You may have to skip training from time to time or your nutrition may have the odd off day. Rather than beat yourself up, simply acknowledge that it was only a blip and get back on it.

Have a training partner; this could be in the form of a friend, or group exercise, or Personal Training. In a way, this makes you accountable for your actions and gives you extra motivation to succeed. You are far more likely to stick with it if you have people helping you out.

If it interests you, begin reading about nutrition and exercise. Having more confidence in both the kitchen and gym will have a snowball effect. You will eat healthier, train better and more frequently (time permitting).

Think why are you doing this? There is a reason why you have chosen to begin, keep sight of that goal even when the going gets tough as it will be all the more satisfying knowing how hard you worked and how well you have done!

Last but not least, enjoy it. This is your life; the benefits from eating better and getting healthy are endless and you can have fun along the way.